Your Solutions

Whether as stand alone or combined together the Smart Buoy and Smart Tank can be used for a variety of offshore applications, temporarily or permanent, core or supporting functions and supporting subsea or topsides facilities.

Typical applications, which SBT has identified and developed solutions for are:

Smart Buoys

  • Well Control Buoy
  • Chemical Injection
  • Power Generation System
  • ESP Power and Control
  • Multi-Phase booster station at wells
  • De-bottlenecking solution
  • Water or gas injection node.
  • Floating Production Facility.
  • Combined Renewables Generation Node.
  • Green Hydrogen Production
  • Floating Lidar

Smart Systems

  • Extended Well Tests
  • Early Production System
  • Life Extension
  • Decommissioning
  • CO2 Sequestration Facility

Smart Tanks

  • Oil Storage
  • Gas Storage
  • Green Hydrogen Storage
  • CO2 Storage
  • Trading Solution
  • Offloading Buffer Tank
  • SSIV / PLEM host
  • Dynamic Riser Base / Fixed S
  • Subsea Separation
  • De-gasification
  • Diluent Storage
  • Water Separation
  • Desalination
  • Offshore Access Platform