X – Why SBT?

Why Smart Buoys or Tanks?

The traditional options for offshore developments are limited to platforms or large floating systems with storage either in hull or gravity bases.

With the drive for new technology to both unlock reserves and integrate with renewables as part of the Energy Transition, there is a greater need for smaller more nimble floating systems to complement and expand the existing suite of options.

Our Smart Buoys and Smart Tanks address this challenge by opening a world of opportunities for ocean and offshore uses in a variety of roles and industry sectors.  Our Buoy designs are unique in that they use normal catenary moorings and are a step change in stability, installability, survivability and scalability, with low motions and climate controlled internals at the heart of our design philosophy.

As the world seeks to reduce its carbon emissions the ability to re-deploy and re-use our equipment embraces those objectives, minimising or eliminating the use of concrete where-ever possible.  Our innovative subsea gas storage solutions can potentially be used for a variety of energy applications including methane, hydrogen or CO2 buffer storage prior to injection, expanding the options for carbon sequestration.