The flowing wellhead pressure can be a significant issue for the viability of an offshore development.

Artificial lift can be provided via gas lift or Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP’s) or Multi-Phase Booster Pumps, but locating close to the wellhead brings power supply, access and flow assurance challenges.

Multi-Phase Pump Low Wellhead Pressure Subsea Pumping


The MPBB solution is a readily deployed alternative where a multi-phase booster pump is placed either on the Smart Buoy or the Buoy controls a subsea pump.

The key advantage is that the Smart Buoy can provide the pressure management and increase where it is needed, at the wells, and is readily accessible.

For multiple wells the fluids and gas can be comingled on-board the buoy, which then also acts as a floating manifold before increasing the pressure to drive the contents towards the host facility.

Multi-Phase Pump Low Wellhead Pressure Subsea Pumping

Multi-Phase Pumping Buoy

Multi-Phase Pumping Buoy


ESP Driver Buoy