X – Subsea Gas Storage


The efficient storage of gas requires either high pressure and/or cryogenic (extremely low temperature) equipment. Storage subsea is another step challenge due to the buoyancy of the seawater.

Leverage of stranded gas fields requires an efficient system to store the produced gas and cost-effective means of transportation.

Storage of green hydrogen to minimise emissions needs an efficient and safe storage system.

Subsea Gas Storage

Subsea Gas Storage Challenge


Our system for the subsea storage of gas, maximises the use of recognised and established equipment in a novel arrangement. 

This meets the needs for economic management and export of associated gas or small stranded gas reserves. 

The concept is also designed to be readily deployed and recovered, with the opportunity for full inspection alongside between deployments.

Subsea Gas Storage

Subsea Gas Processing and Storage

Subsea Gas Storage

Subsea Gas Storage

Hydrogen storage

Green Hydrogen Storage