Whether stand alone or combined together our Smart Buoys and Smart Tanks can be used for a range of applications, temporarily or permanent, core or supporting, subsea or above the water.

Typical applications, which SBT Energy has identified and considered as solutions include the following embracing Hydrogen, Offshore Wind, Carbon Sequestration and Oil & Gas

Applications are only limited by the imagination.

Smart Buoys

  • Control Buoy
  • Renewables generation from wind, wave, tidal and solar.
  • Green or blue hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen sub-station
  • Floating sub-station
  • CCS socket buoy
  • CCS injection buoy
  • Gas to wire system
  • Floating lidar
  • Chemical Injection
  • ESP Power and Control
  • Multi-Phase booster station at wells
  • De-bottlenecking solution
  • Water or gas injection node.
  • Floating Production Facility.

Smart Systems

  • CO2 Import and Sequestration Facility
  • Complement existing facilities
  • Gas to wire and CCS
  • Blue hydrogen and CCS
  • Extended well tests
  • Early production system
  • Life extension solution
  • Decommissioning
  • Desalination
  • OTEC
  • Ocean monitoring

Smart Tanks

  • Fluids Storage
  • Gas Storage
  • Green and blue hydrogen storage
  • CO2 buffer storage
  • Trading Solution
  • Storage tank for FPU
  • SSIV / PLEM host
  • Dynamic Riser Base / Fixed S
  • Subsea Separation
  • De-gasification
  • Diluent Storage
  • Water Separation
  • Desalination
  • Offshore Access Platform