The Smart Tank

What is a Smart Tank?

Our Tanks are designed to re-useable, scalable low cost solutions for the storage of not just oil but any liquids or gases which need to be stored subsea.  By using stationary subsea tanks the residence time can be controlled, leading to improved gravity separation and higher quality products.

We are also embracing the Energy Transition with solutions for the offshore storage of hydrogen, allowing greater scope for offshore power management and emissions reductions.  Our tank can also be used as a storage buffer for offshore carbon sequestration.

Our patented closed loop system, in particular, can allow greater management of the contents, minimising discharge and treatment requirements, giving a clean efficient solution whether it be for oil,  carbon dioxide or water storage.

Our tanks are designed using steel, as a key principal is to allow safe and efficient installation, removal and recycling. 

Our tanks can also act as a host for a variety of other subsea functionality, hence becoming a Smart Tank and flexible subsea facilities.

Our designs challenge convention but keep it simple and use applied science and engineering to demonstrate their robustness.