The Smart Buoy

What is a Smart Buoy?

All our Buoys have equipment enclosed in a climate controlled environment, mostly well under the waterline.  This gives protection from wind, seawater, rain, sunlight, frost, snow and temperature variations.  The main advantages of this are;

  • Temperature and humidity controlled atmosphere gives increased equipment reliability.
  • Static atmosphere and very low motions allows greater use of drone technology.
  • Opportunity for range of automation and robotics technology within a clean environment..

Our Buoys also use patented technology to optimise motions allowing;

  • Use of simple catenary moorings (one of our core objectives).
  • High pitch and roll stability (far greater than previous buoys).
  • Very low operational motions.
  • Minimising the mooring size and footprint.
  • Ability to position much closer to existing facilities, due to their small footprint.
  • Scalable in size to suit application (minimum size driven by metocean conditions and application).

Our Smart Buoys therefore provide a flexible floating structure to house and protect equipment increasing the development options across all ocean energy sectors.