Our high stability control buoys can control, monitor and power a wide range of subsea equipment either directly or through wireless communication.

This removes the need for a long static umbilical from the main host, associated trenching operations and complex host modifications.

The buoy functions can be further extended to the role of services buoys with equipment for additional duties such as power generation, pumping duties and hosting AUV’s.



Our processing buoy platforms enhance safety by a multi-column layout, maximising the amount of equipment within low motions, climate-controlled areas.

With the inherent stability of the semi-submersible layout ensures the facility can be size-optimised for the application rather than an expensive standard ‘one size fits all’ approach.



Our DTR system is a step change improvement in safety and cost reduction for floating offshore wind.

The DTR supports the mooring and power cables before the floating wind turbine arrives and during any tow to port operation, eliminating the need to lay the lines down on the seabed, which is a critical consideration in deep water.

With the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect the FOWT from both moorings and power cables in one operation the DTR is a major innovation for floating wind.



The unique features of SBT Energy gas tanks are the ability to store at either low pressure (LP) or high-pressure (HP).

High pressure allows certain gases to enter the liquid phase, increasing the energy density and storage efficiency.

Our LP solutions allow internal coating of the joints and avoiding the high strains in pipelines when laid by traditional methods.

The gas storage (will additional liquids storage as required) is possible in a compact, multi-role re-deployable subsea structure.



Our innovative subsea tanks allow the storage of a range of liquids with the option of a separate base to allow simple removal or exchange.

The size of tank can be from small scale up to 250,000 barrels.

Our tanks can be used as a host for a range of subsea equipment, including manifolds and connections for pipelines and riser systems.

Combined with our innovative Closed Loop Storage system, mixing with seawater can be minimised or avoided.