Floating Wind


Disconnectable Turret for Renewables (DTR)

Quick connection and disconnection of the floating turbine from the mooring lines and dynamic power cables has until now been extremely challenging.

This was identified as one of the key industry challenges by the Carbon Trust in the Floating Wind Joint Industry Project (JIP).

SBT Energy’s (DTR) system is a step change in innovation, allowing a truly efficient ‘plug and playconfiguration.

Emergency release from the FOWT is also possible into a safe, but ready to quickly re-connection configuration, reducing risk and LCOE.

Being technology agnostic the DTR can be used with semi-submersibles, spars, or barges, reducing costs, risks and dramatically increasing operational flexibility.

For more information please click the links below to take you to our DTR brochure and Youtube video of the system in operation.

Click here for our DTR brochure

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