Floating Wind

Quick connect and disconnect of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine was a key industry challenge by the Carbon Trust in the Floating Wind JIP. Our DTR solves this with a ‘plug and playconfiguration suitable for semi-submersibles, spars, or barges reducing costs and risks and improving safety.

The system is inspired by the Disconnectable Turret Buoys (DTB’s) used in Oil & Gas but simplified for offshore renewables. It allows mooring lines and power cables to be held up safely before the first and after any disconnection, instead of being abandoned down on the congested seabed risking damage. Disconnection of the power cable bend stiffener and/or buoyancy modules is avoided.  It also solves the problems of ‘wet-storage’ stability of moorings and power cable.

Increased yield is also possible by accelerating first power, increased the number of hook-ups in a season, allowing interconnect of cables and reducing the downtime/standby for repairs – all reducing the LCOE by as much as 5-6%.

The DTR forms an essential part of any O&M strategy allowing alongside work on-port or sheltered water on the whole FOWT, increasing local content value. 

The DTR can work with most FOWT hull designs and we can work with most mooring configurations and power cable connector technology, including wet and dry mate systems.

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