Subsea Fluids Tank

Our subsea fluids storage tank offers a re-deployable solution for the storing of a range of fluids on the seabed.

The tank can be anchored using standard methods such as pile anchors, drilled piles, suction anchors or ballast weights, subject to the planned contents density and seabed conditions.  Any ballast weight is kept separate from the tank contents, allowing simpler and safer removal at the end of the deployment.

The tank can be combined or separate from the anchoring arrangement to allow safer installation and prompt removal from site and sized for a range of either temporary or permanent applications.

One of the unique aspects of the tank is that it can be used as a ‘Subsea Host’ for a variety of other functions including tidal power systems, energy storage, as a dynamic riser base, manifold, base for chemicals storage.  This maximises the commissioning to be performed prior to sail-away.

Our closed loop system (patent pending) for the water contents has the following features:

  • Minimise or eliminates mixing of formation water and seawater.
  • Reduces or eliminates intake filtration requirements during offloading.
  • Greater management and flexiblity of produced water cleaning.
  • Improves thermal management and enthalpy changes.

Our tank can also be used in the Energy Transition for storage of fluids in the liquid phase, subject to the pressure requirements, in particular as a buffer storage for CO2 prior to sequestration in deep water.