Disconnectable Turret for Renewables (DTR)

Our innovative DTR addresses one of the key challenges in the expanding floating wind industry, that of safe and efficient hook-up and tow-to-port for maintenance of floating offshore wind turbines (FOWTs)

By taking a ‘system’ approach the DTR enables safe and controlled connection (hook-up) disconnection and re-connection of the FOWT.¬†¬†This ‘plug and play’ philosophy reduces the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) together with risks to people, equipment and the environment.

The key advantages are;

  • Designed to be used with either semi-submersibles, barges or spars.
  • Drastic reduction in the time and cost to hook-up, disconnect and re-connected the FOWT.
  • No laying down of mooring lines, connectors or power cables on the seabed.
  • Minimal impact on the mooring line configuration.
  • Potential no power cable handling
  • No swivels or bearings required.
  • Maximise use of standard components
  • Maximise pre-tensioning and pre-commissioning prior to FOWT arrival.
  • Potential for quick disconnect (less than one hour)
  • Potential for all electricity still to flow when the FOWT is off-station (no break in the power circuit).
  • Technology agnostic – we can work with most foundation designs, connectors and suppliers.

The benefits of the DTR are particularly important in deep water due to the very long mooring lines and power cables sections, which have significant overage length to be handled and present a high handling cost.

The DTR may be designed for use with many of the current FOWT configurations and most existing mooring components allowing significant LCOE reductions across the industry.

*Patent Pending

DTR Disconnectable Turret for Renewables