X – Debottlenecking


Field A has high production for 1-2 years before a high water cut appears.

Field B has a high water cut exceeding the host facilities total liquids handling capacity.

How can we manage the high volumes of water efficiently and economically?

Debottlenecking Challenge


The first stage separator can be installed in the Smart Buoy to remove large quantities of water prior to being sent to the host facility.

Alternatively a tank, or series of smaller tanks (which have a longer residence time) can be used to improve the separation of water, oil and solids.

Water treatment plant can be installed on the Buoy to clean up the produced water. The Buoy can be either at the well location or within the vicinity of the platform. The water can then be either re-injected or treated.

Thus the host facilities become suitable for the new field tie-in without significant modifications to increase capacity.

Debottlenecking, Smart Buoy, Liquids Handling

Smart Bottleneck Buoy

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