Combined Energy Buoy


Throughout the life of a field, the power generation and demands can vary, especially with new tie-backs and any extended shutdowns.

A stable mobile offshore facility is needed for energy generation in the new Global Energy Transition, which can maximise generation from renewable sources and provide energy storage in the form of batteries or hydrogen production and storage.

SBT Energy Challenge


We can provide additional temporary or permanent power to a facility.  If position close to the host on-board fuel or produced gas from the host can be used for power generation.

Our Smart Buoy also offers the opportunity to use renewables plus other generation, to balance the supply and minimise emissions. Typical energy sources which can be installed on-board include:

  • Diesel Engines.
  • Gas Turbines.
  • Wind Turbines.
  • Wave power systems.
  • Solar panels.
  • Tidal power systems.

The Smart Buoy can also store energy in on-board batteries or by using a subsea gas tank.

Smart Power Buoy

Renewable Power Generation