CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration)

We offer a number of concept based alternatives based upon the project requirements or pipeline supply, shuttle tanker supply or local CO2 capture facility, which typically include;

  • Control buoy to monitor and control injection wells.
  • Services buoy to additionally provide extra injection pressure.
  • Injection buoy to accept CO2 from shuttle tanker or other facility and inject into reservoir.
  • Subsea buffer tank to offload CO2 from shuttle tanker to allow injection during re-supply trips.
  • CCS combined with a Gas To Wire buoy.
  • CCS combined with Blue Hydrogen production

One of the key flexibilities of the system is the ability to minimise brownfield modifications to existing facilities to provide the equipment to perform and/or manage the CO2 sequestration.

Maximising power generation from renewable sources in a key focus to aim for net-zero emissions.


CCS Buoy